Customer Care

Aviva Relationship Consultants

Your needs are unique and we understand that!

That’s why we think that it’s important you receive personal attention so that you can customise your portfolio according to your needs and concerns.

Meet Aviva Relationship Consultants, a dedicated team of representatives that exclusively serve members of the MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance scheme.

How they can help…

If you are already a MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance policyholder, you can speak with one of our dedicated Aviva Relationship Consultant for any concern or questions such as:

  • Queries about your policy or purchasing a new policy
  • Upgrading your protection cover
  • Exploring riders available for these policies
  • Getting details on your insurance privileges, namely

    Car Insurance premium: 15% discount off your first year premium
    Travel Insurance: Free upgrade to next higher tier of plan
    Home Insurance: Free upgrade to next higher tier of plan

Let your Aviva Relationship Consultant lend you a helping hand!
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