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At Aviva, we put your health first

More than just a health insurer, Aviva is committed to providing our MyShield / MyHealthPlus customers access to quality healthcare and exclusive Aviva health privileges.

We’ve collaborated with Alliance Healthcare, who have put together a list of over 200 experienced medical specialists, across various fields, to provide you with quick and easy access to healthcare when it’s needed.

Here are all the privileges you can enjoy when you consult a specialist within our approved network.

See a specialist within 3 working days Find out more
  • As an Aviva MyShield / MyHealthPlus customer, you’ll be able to see a qualified specialist within the relevant field of expertise, in 3 working days. No more waiting weeks for an appointment!

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    • While Alliance Healthcare Group will try to arrange an appointment with your specialist of choice (if any), there may be times when an appointment within 3 working days is only possible with another specialist in the same field.
    • This arrangement has been set up for the convenience of our customers, but you’re free to visit any medical specialists either within or outside of this arrangement at any time.
    • Aviva Ltd is not an agent, partner or in a joint-venture relationship with Alliance Healthcare Group. Alliance Healthcare (“AH” which expression shall include its Selection Committee and its related corporations) is not an agent of any of the above medical specialists nor are any of the medical specialists an agent of AH. Aviva Ltd or AH makes no representation or warranty whatsoever to the quality of the healthcare or services provided, and assumes no liability or responsibility for the acts, omissions or defaults of the clinics, specialist or any person providing the services.
    • Consultations or treatments with any of the specialists from this arrangement do not mean that the bill will be claimable from Aviva. Claims eligibility will be subject to the terms and conditions of the policy and assessed upon receipt of the bill.
Enjoy cashless hospitalisation and greater certainty about your claim amount Find out more
  • As a MyShield/MyHealthPlus customer, if you require hospitalisation and/or surgery, we provide you with certificate of pre-authorisation* for planned inpatient admission so that you get greater reassurance about your claim outcome and can proceed with your treatment with a peace of mind.

    The certificate of pre-authorisation will let you enjoy the cashless admission (subject to the approved amount) if you received the treatment in the list of participating hospitals and clinics stated below.

    Here is the list of participating hospitals & clinics that you can get waiver of deposit/payment with our Certificate of Pre-authorisation:

    Private Hospital Private Clinic
    Thomson Medical Centre Atlas Eye Specialist Centre
    Mount Alvernia Hospital Charles Tan Surgery
    Mount Elizabeth Hospital Endoscopy, Veins & Piles Centre
    Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital HC Endoscopy & Piles Centre (GM)
    Farrer Park Hospital HC Endoscopy & Piles Centre (Hillford)
    Parkway East Hospital Heah Colorectal Endoscopy & Piles Centre
    Gleneagles Hospital Heah Endoscopy & Piles Centre (Bukit Batok)
      My Eye Specialist & Retina Surgeon
      Tampines Endoscopy & Surgery Centre
      The Endoscopy & Piles Centre (Hougang)
      The GP Endoscopy & Piles Centre (Dleedon)
      The Heart and Vascular Centre (Mt Elizabeth)
      The Heart and Vascular Centre (Novena)

    You can call Aviva Health Privileges hotline at 6664 0246 from 22 December 2017 and ask for Certificate of Pre-authorisation. You will need to provide your consent and the following information:

    1. NRIC of the life assured
    2. Name of the doctor
    3. Name of the doctor's clinic
    4. Date of the planned admission/day surgery
    5. Name of the hospital/clinic for the admission/day surgery
    6. Diagnosis
    7. Procedure/Surgery
    8. Policyholder's email address
    9. Policyholder's mobile number

    Our hotline operating hours are:

    Days Operating Hours
    Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
    Saturday 8am to 1pm
    Sunday and Public Holidays Closed

    *Pre-authorisation is available subject to the following terms and conditions:

    • The inpatient treatment or day surgery is done at a private hospital or private clinic in Singapore;
    • The principal doctor must be our panel specialist;
    • The admission date or day surgery must be from 1 January 2018 onwards;
    • You make the request at least 5 working days before the admission date; and
    • The admission date is within 6 weeks from the request date.

    Aviva Health Privileges will:

    • Work with your doctor(s) on your request;
    • Inform you within 5 working days on the outcome of the pre-authorisation; and
    • Send you an email with the Certificate of Pre-authorisation if your pre-authorisation is approved.
    • For details please refer to the FAQs for MyShield and MyHealthPlus.
No upfront payment for hospital deposit up to S$15,000Find out more
  • As a MyShield customer, if you require hospitalisation and/or surgery, we provide an electronic Letter of Guarantee (eLOG) facility, to ease the admission process at participating hospitals.

    The eLOG allows the waiver of a hospital deposit required by the hospital, if the estimated bill is above the deductible of your MyShield plan. This way, you can focus on treatment and recovery, rather than worry about upfront payments, especially in the event of an emergency admission.

    Simply inform the hospital staff that you’re an Aviva MyShield policyholder, and they can generate the Aviva eLOG instantly by logging into the eLOG system.

    The participating hospitals are:

    Restructured Hospital Private Hospital
    Alexandra Hospital Concord International Hospital
    Changi General Hospital Gleneagles Hospital
    Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Mount Alvernia Hospital
    KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital Mount Elizabeth Hospital
    National University Hospital Parkway East Hospital
    Singapore General Hospital Novena Surgery Pte Ltd
    Tan Tock Seng Hospital Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
    Ng Teng Fong General Hospital Thomson Medical Centre
    Singapore National Eye Centre Raffles Hospital
      Farrer Park Hospital


    • The eLOG is not applicable if you have requested for a Certificate of Pre-authorisation.
    • The eLOG is subject to acceptance by the hospital. At the time of discharge, the hospital may require you to fully settle the hospital bill despite an eLOG being issued.
    • The issuance of an eLOG is a facility to ease the admission process. It does not mean that Aviva approves or admits any claim or any claim amount payable. We’ll assess the claim upon receipt of the bill from the hospital.
    • You can view more information about the eLOG facility in our MyShield FAQs, found here (question 7.18 onwards).
Double the coverage period for post-hospitalisation treatments Find out more
  • For MyShield Plan 1 customers: If you’re using a medical specialist within our approved network, you’re covered for post-hospitalisation treatment at private hospitals for up to 180 days after discharge.
  • For MyHealthPlus Option A and Option C customers: If you’re using a medical specialist within our approved network, you’re covered for post-hospitalisation treatment of up to 365 days* after discharge.


*For MyHealthPlus customers: coverage up to 365 days after discharge for Panel specialist in a private hospital, you need to:

  1. Request for pre-authorisation at least five working days before an inpatient admission for treatment and obtain a certificate of pre-authorisation issued by us before the start of that inpatient admission; or
  2. Make your appointment with the panel specialist through the appointment portal or Aviva within 90 days before an inpatient admission for the same injury or illness for which you are hospitalised. Please refer to MyHealthPlus Product Summary and Policy Contract for details.
Enjoy higher mileage on your claim limit Find out more
  • For MyShield Plan 1 customers : More than S$1 million annual policy limit. If your claim is with a specialist within the approved network, we’ll only deduct 80% of the approved claim amount from your annual claim limit.

    For example: Your approved claim amount is S$100,000. You’ll be reimbursed for S$100,000, but your annual claim limit will only be reduced by S$80,000.


    • Applicable for MyShield Plan 1 customers only and the admitting doctor (principal doctor) must be on the approved panel of specialists on the date of the life assured’s admission. Terms and conditions apply.
    • The policy year limit under plan 1 will be adjusted to reflect a reduction of 80% of the approved claim for treatment covered under the panel specialist in a private hospital, restructured hospital or community hospital.

      For example:
      Policy year limit (before first claim): S$1,000,000
      First approved claim (treatment by panel specialist in a private hospital): S$100,000
      20% of approved claim: S$20,000 (20% of S$100,000)
      Adjusted claim: S$80,000 (S$100,000 - S$20,000)
      Reduced policy year limit (after first claim): S$1,000,000 - S $80,000 = S$920,000

No pro-ration factor on kidney dialysisFind out more
  • If you’re MyHealthPlus Option A or Option C customer and using a medical specialist within our approved network, you get to enjoy:

    • Waiver of pro-ration factor if kidney dialysis is received at any panel private dialysis centre for Plan 2 and Plan 3 (Option A and Option C).
    • Additional lump sum payout* of S$1,000 if kidney dialysis is received at any panel private dialysis centre for MyHealthPlus Plan 1 (Option A and Option C) only.
    • List of panel private kidney dialysis centres

      S/N Panel Private Kidney Dialysis Centre
      1 AEGIS Dialysis Centre Pte Ltd
      2 Immanuel Dialysis Centre (Mayflower) Pte Ltd
      3 Immanuel Dialysis Centre (Woodlands) Pte Ltd
      4 Immanuel Dialysis Centre (Yishun) Pte Ltd
      5 Renal Life (Alexandra) Dialysis Centre Pte Ltd
      6 Renal Life (Hougang) Dialysis Centre Pte Ltd
      7 Renal Life (Pioneer) Dialysis Centre Pte Ltd
      8 Renal Life (W) Dialysis Centre Pte Ltd

      List of subsidised centres for kidney dialysis

      S/N Subsidised Centre for Kidney Dialysis
      1 Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF)
      2 National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Singapore
      3 People's Dialysis Centre


      *Additional critical illness benefit for kidney failure is only applicable if Life Assured undergoes kidney dialysis at any subsidised centre, Restructured hospital or panel private dialysis centre.

If you need assistance or have any questions about your MyShield/MyHealthPlus policy, please call our Health hotline at 6827 7788.