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  I was able to do e-purchasing and it is quite cheap compared
         to other insurance.
~ Mr. Zaini Bin Zainol           


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Save money on your Car Insurance!

Aviva is the first Direct Car Insurer that gives you all 3 benefits* for FREE!

Claims Promise

Claims Promise:

If we confirm that the accident is not your fault, your NCD won't be affected and there's no upfront excess payable.
Customer Promise

Customer Promise:

Free "get you home" cover takes the worry away as we promise to get you home safely after an accident.
Repair Guarantee

Repair Guarantee:

With all our repairs guaranteed for 12 months, there's no such thing as paying for another repair.

* Terms & conditions apply. All Aviva-approved repairs are guaranteed for 12 months.

Aviva Emergency Assistance

In the event of a car accident, we’ll make sure you’re never stuck. 
Just call 6333 2222.

Real good deals guaranteed
  • Help at the scene of the accident within 20 minutes of your call in Singapore.
  • Free emergency roadside assistance in case of a car breakdown in Singapore.

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