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At Aviva, you’re guaranteed a comprehensive deal on car insurance. But we understand that every one is different, so you may want to adapt your car insurance coverage to your specific needs. We have made it really easy to do just that, simply click “More” to find out about each feature to see which ones are right for you.

Summary of Car Insurance Coverage Maximum Amount Payable
Accidental loss, fire or theft damage to your car: More on accidental loss

  • Your car
To the market value of your car including the COE
  • Audio equipment
  • Accessories
  • Windscreen
Unlimited if you use the Aviva authorised repairer (S$600 cap if non-approved repairer)
Your liability towards other persons for: more on liability
  • Death or injury to another person, including passengers
  • Damage to property
  • Legal costs (with our consent)
Injury to you or any passengers in your car: more on injury
  • Death or total loss of sight or hearing
  • Loss of limb
  • Loss of sight/hearing in one eye/ear
Medical expenses: more on medical expenses
  • If you or any passenger in your car are injured in an accident
Personal belongings: more on personal belongings
  • Whether loss in an accident or through fire or theft
Child seat cover: more on child seat cover
  • If a child seat is fitted to your car and is damaged following an accident
Use of your car outside of Singapore: more on outside Singapore
  • West Malaysia
Up to the cover of your car insurance policy in Singapore and including the minimum legal requirements in both Malaysia and Thailand.
  • Peninsula Thailand (up to 80km from West Malaysia border)
Other car insurance coverage benefits: more on other policy benefits
  • The Aviva approved accident & repair service providing assistance at the scene of the accident.
  • No excess payable if we confirm you're not at fault in an accident.
  • If your car is less than 12 months old and damage repairs are greater than 70% of the value of your car, we will provide a new car replacement
  • Free “get you home” cover following an accident in Singapore.
  • Free emergency car breakdown assistance in Singapore.
The following optional car insurance coverage is Maximum amount payable also available:
Replacement locks and keys: more on replacement locks and keys
  • If your ignition keys are lost or stolen, the cost of replacing the affected locks, transmitter, central locking interface and any affected parts of the cars alarm or immobilizer.
Additional personal accident cover including injury to you or any passengers
in your car for: more on additional personal accident cover
  • Death or total loss of sight or hearing
  • Loss of limb
  • Loss of sight/hearing in one eye/ear
Loss of use car insurance coverage: more on loss of use cover
  • In the event of an accident, stay mobile with use a replacement car for up to 10 days. Free of charge!
Up to 10 days use
Privileged rate home insurance: more on identity theft cover
  • Household contents, renovations, fixtures and fittings
    We will provide cover for loss of or damage to the contents, renovations, fixtures and fittings in your home caused by fire, flood, theft, vandalism, earthquake, lightning, explosion, bursting or overflowing of water pipes or household apparatus, vehicle impact, riot, strike or civil commotion.
  • Personal legal liability
    We will provide cover for you or any member of your family permanently residing with you
    against personal legal liability to pay damages, claimants cost and expenses.
  • Alternative accommodation
    We will provide cover for the cost of alternative accommodation if your home is damaged
    to the point it cannot be lived in.
  • Accidental breakage of glass
    We will provide cover for the accidental breakage of fixed glass in your home.
  • Loss of personal money, credit and debit cards
    We will provide cover for the loss of personal money, credit and debit cards.
No Claims Discount Protectormore on identity theft cover
  • Protect your No Claims Discount in the event of a claim
Up to 1 Claim

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