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Make a difference to your team – even when they’re on vacation or home leave. Aviva’s Corporate Travel group plan is a specially designed travel insurance solution for organisations that gives your employees comprehensive travel protection, whether they’re away for business or pleasure.

Premiums are flexible and cost-effective with two tiers of coverage to specifically suit the level of coverage that your executives need.

Why consider Corporate Travel by Aviva?


  • Extended Length of Cover
    Employees will be protected for up to 190 days for each business trip taken.
  • Accidental Injury
    Policy gives an automatic extension of cover in the event of accidental injury.
  • Post-Hospitalisation Allowance
    Upon discharge from hospital, receive cash while recuperating at home following doctor’s orders.
  • Take Some Time Off
    Coverage for personal trip deviation during business travel.
  • $1 million’s the Limit
    Get insurance coverage of up to a million dollars.
  • See No Evil
    Full coverage against acts of terrorism.


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