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Soldiers, SENANG DIRI – and enjoy comprehensive travel coverage with a free upgrade to Travel Plus!

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Senang Diri means at ease. You’ve toiled hard serving the nation and you deserve that holiday break without insurance worries. Aviva is pleased to offer MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance customers (for Group Term Life insurance only), like you and your immediate family members with more protection for less when you travel.

How to qualify:

  1. You or your immediate family member must be insured with Group Term Life policy under MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance Voluntary Scheme. If you aren’t, apply for the Group Term Life under the Voluntary Scheme insurance plan now and send us proof of documents within 30 days of your travel insurance date of purchase to be eligible for the 30% discount.
  2. Your MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance policy must be in force at the time when you’re applying for any of these three general insurance policies.
  3. Apply online.

The privileges are applicable for MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance customers under the voluntary scheme only. Existing customers under SAF Group Term Life can continue to enjoy the privileges.

Important notes:

  • To enjoy the 30% discount all you need to do is get a quote online, key in your NRIC and the discount will be automatically applied to your premium.
  • Immediate family members will be your parents, siblings, spouse and children. You will be required to submit the following supporting document to within 7 days after the policy purchase.

Please indicate clearly your policy number and type of relationship in the email to us.

  • If immediate family member is spouse: A copy of your marriage certificate
  • If immediate family member is parent: A copy of your birth certificate
  • If immediate family member is sibling: A copy of your birth certificate and your
           sibling’s birth certificate

In the event that the relationship cannot be proven, we reserve the right to claw back any discounts or offers that we have provided from policy inception.

For both
New & Renewing
Discount of 30%* off the premium
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By purchasing it directly from us, you can be sure there’s no need to wait, and no additional or hidden charges.

  • Single trip or annual multi-trip coverage.
  • Emergency Travel Assistance Helpline. Any day. Anytime.
  • Renew your travel policy online anytime.
  • Individual or Family Coverage options.

*Offer may be withdrawn at any time and discount is not exchangeable for cash.

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