Important notice – Claims

Submission of Claims for SAF Group Insurance Scheme on or before 30 September 2017

The SAF Group Insurance Scheme has been replaced with the MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance Scheme with effect from 01 October 2016. As the SAF Group Insurance Scheme had ceased on 30 September 2016, we urge you to submit your claims, if any, related to the old policy (i.e. the SAF Group Insurance Scheme), latest by 30 September 2017.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your claim submission for SAF group insurance scheme, please call us at 6827 8000 (8.45am to 5.30pm, Mondays to Fridays) or email us at


Please follow the steps below to submit a claim.

Step One: Complete the relevant claim form and gather the documents required for the submission.

You may refer to the “Claims Procedures at a Glance” (the cover page of the Claim Form) for information on the documents required.

Step Two: Email us the complete set of the documents to and we will acknowledge your electronic claim submission within 2 business days.


Claim forms

icn-pdf Death Claim form
icn-pdf Living Care / Living Care Plus Claim form
icn-pdf Total Permanent Disability, Accidental Permanent Dismemberment, Disability Income & Advance Payment Benefit Claim Form
icn-pdf FAQs