Our top tips to help you achieve your 2018 new year’s resolutions

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Our top tips to help you achieve your 2018 new year’s resolutions

With the start of a brand new year, you probably already have some new year’s resolutions in mind. But let’s be honest, without proper planning and determination, most of our resolutions are doomed to fail.

Here’s our compilation of the most common resolutions – and some tips on how you can (finally) stick to those resolutions this year!


#1 Lead a healthier lifestyle

Leading a healthier lifestyle or losing weight seems to be on the list of lots of people every year.

Sadly, we tend to put it off till after Chinese New Year (who can resist those pineapple tarts and bak kwa?!). Even then, our determination falters a few weeks later when we eventually get sick of ‘healthier food’ or are overwhelmed with our day-to-day routine to keep up with the fitness activities planned.

Now, how can you achieve this? Start small by switching up your usual routine. For example, walk home from the MRT station or alight 1-2 bus stops away from your house to clock in more steps.

You might also be more motivated if you have a work out group – it can be with your friends or colleagues so you can all egg each other on. Or how about working out with the entire nation? In a bid to encourage Singaporeans to be more physically active, the Ministry of Health launched the National Steps Challenge and there are attractive prizes to be won!

Not only can you improve your physical appearance by leading a healthier lifestyle, you’ll also be boosting your immunity system against illnesses.


#2 Spend more time with your family

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According to this Forbes article, Singapore millennials work for an average of 48 hours per week. It’s no wonder this one makes it to our list.

With the high cost of living in Singapore, it isn’t always possible to be a stay-at-home parent or to switch to part-time hours, just so you can spend more time with your family.

But you can still find ways to strike that work-life balance to keep your sanity (and your family’s). Consider setting a fixed day (e.g. last Saturday of the month) to bring your family out for a nice weekend brunch. Or subscribe to parenting portals that keep you up to date on family-friendly activities that you can participate in.


#3 Volunteer and give back to society

Dedicating your time and energy to helping the less fortunate is a noble and rewarding gesture. The easiest way would be to donate money but, trust us, getting involved in the action gives you much more satisfaction.

For families with children, consider doing a humanitarian trip to third world countries. Not only does it make your heart fuller, it also enables your kids to be appreciative of the things that they have.

If you would like to volunteer regularly, consider signing up with organisations like Red Cross Singapore. Worried about not having the time to do so? Many companies offer volunteering leave so do check with your HR department!


#4 Save more

Now that we’re done with your physical and emotional wellbeing, having healthy finances is equally important!

First off – if you’re someone who gets easily tempted by sales emails, why not unsubscribe from them? Out of sight, out of mind!

Next, start with something small like transferring part of your salary to a separate savings account. And if you’re guilty of constantly transferring the funds back to your spending account, explore other options that could force you to be more disciplined, like endowment plans.

Already happy with your short-term savings plans? How about taking the next step and work towards your golden years? According to Aviva’s Consumer Attitudes Survey 2017, a key reason that Singaporeans procrastinate on retirement planning is because 57% of Singaporeans find it too complicated. Here’s a useful page with tips and hacks to help you overcome your fears.

Make it your new year’s resolution too to sit down with a professional financial adviser representative for a portfolio review of the insurance and savings/investment plans you have. An annual review is recommended to ensure you’re on track towards your financial goals.


If you’d like to speak to one of our financial adviser representatives, simply leave your details in the form below and we’ll be in touch.


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