Are females worse drivers? Interesting facts & figures about insurance!

Aviva July 20, 2015 0
Are females worse drivers? Interesting facts & figures about insurance!

We took a look at our claims and survey statistics, and found some interesting facts and figures!


Myth #1:  Women are bigger worriers when it comes to travelling and tend to buy travel insurance more often than men.

False. Approximately the same percentage of women and men purchase Aviva’s travel insurance.


Myth #2:  Youngsters are more likely to live on the edge and travel without insurance.

False. In fact, with Aviva’s travel insurance, travelers aged 30 and below actually form the largest group of our travel insurance customers compared to any other age bands.


Myth #3:  Female drivers are worse drivers and get into accidents more frequently than male drivers.

Completely false! Our car insurance claims data shows that we have an equal number of accidents reported from both male and female policyholders.


Myth #4:  Males are more willing to take risks when it comes to investments than females.

True. Aviva’s Consumer Attitudes to Saving (Nov 2014) revealed that 48% of Singaporean men are prepared to take on a higher risk in exchange for a potentially higher return. Only 34% of women are prepared to.


Myth #5:  Retirement planning is something that youngsters wouldn’t think about.

False. According to Aviva’s Consumer Attitudes to Saving (Nov 2014), 1 in 4 Singaporeans aged 18-24 have already started saving specifically for retirement. Of these forward-looking youngsters, 36% have a long-term savings plan in place with an insurer, and 40% are investing their money in stocks and bonds.


Are you surprised by any of these facts and figures?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts with us!

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