Handy holiday checklist

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Handy holiday checklist

Plan and count down to your dream vacay with this handy holiday checklist!

Three steps to a holiday: Did you know? Aviva is the 1st insurer in Singapore that covers trip cancellation or change of date for any reason!

1. Set your dates

2. Book your flights & accommodation

3. Buy travel insurance! Depending on your needs, you may want to look for features like golf insurance rider or trip cancellation for any reason (if you need flexibility)

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10 weeks ahead…

  • Renew your passport if expired (takes 2 weeks)
  • Apply for visa if necessary
  • Get the necessary vaccinations if needed
  • Research and book your transport and activities


Pet cage vector icon6 weeks ahead…

  • Register at Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) eRegister system, especially if going to a place with travel restrictions
  • Sort out pet care if needed


2 weeks ahead…

  • Stock up on your first aid kit, including prescription meds if any
  • Apply for international driver’s license if planning to drive


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1 week ahead…

  • Print out all your travel documents and put them all in one travel wallet or compartment
  • Check that your luggage is fit for travel and fits the specific dimensions for check-in or carry-on
  • Activate your credit cards for overseas use
  • Exchange currency at the best money changer you can find
  • Protect your home – make sure that all locks work and that your home insurance is up-to-date


The day before…

  • Pack all the stuff you need
  • Put liquids in ziplock bags in case they leak. If they’re going in your cabin luggage, remember they can’t be over 100ml
  • Put your travel documents in your carry-on


On the day…

  • Arrive early for your check-in, at least 2 hours before the flight departure time.


Have a fantastic holiday! Click here to get a travel insurance quote for your upcoming holiday! 

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