Tips on picking the right travel insurance plan

Aviva September 17, 2014 0
Tips on picking the right travel insurance plan

You spend a lot of time (and money!) planning your travels. So it’s a good idea to spend just a little more and buy some travel insurance, just in case your carefully planned trip doesn’t go totally smooth.

Here are some useful tips that will help you choose the right travel insurance plan for your needs.


Buy your travel insurance early

Most travelers buy travel insurance within 3 days of departure, or even on the day itself.  But, ideally, you should get yourself covered for your travel period as soon as you book your plane tickets and hotel room.  Your policy will come in handy if you need to cancel your travel plans and incur cancellation charges.

Flight and accommodation are likely the most expensive expenditure of your trip, so it makes sense to ensure those costs are covered.  Based on Aviva’s travel insurance claims data, trip cancellation has the highest average claims amount.


Travel often? Get an annual plan

If you are planning for multiple trips in a year, it may be more cost effective to buy an annual plan.


Check how the insurer defines ‘child’

That family travel insurance policy you are eyeing includes cover for your children as well, but remember that the definition of children may differ across insurers. There may be exclusions for children not studying full-time, or those above a certain age.


Check the coverage for high risk activities

This is important if you are planning to enjoy some adventure. Not all travel policies cover activities like mountaineering or skiing.


Availability of a helpline in an emergency

In a foreign country where you may not know what to do in an emergency or how to get to the nearest police station or hospital, having access to a hotline is a lifeline! Aviva also has a Travel App with claims help functions such as an incident log, helpful FAQs, or a checklist of documents needed, to help you out in an emergency.


To get a quote for Aviva’s travel insurance, visit our online portal or download our Travel App and get a quote on-screen in seconds.

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